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Display Ad Rates & Information

To speak with a customer service representative, please call 1-800-244-9580 and ask for either Tracy McKenna at ext. 101or e-mail

Deadline is the 10th of the month preceding publication.
Payment is due at the time the ad is placed.
Payment may be made with cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express

The Equiery offers several advertising options:

Classifieds & Photo Classifieds: Perfect if you are selling a horse or a saddle, trailer or truck, have a apartment to rent or stall available, or are looking to hire someone. Classifieds start at $5 for three lines (26 spaces per line). Each additional line is $3. Add up to 3 Bold Headlines for $4 per headliine. Photoclassifieds are $50.

Display Ads: Perfect for retailers, training facilities, lesson stables, boarding barns, barn builders, stallion stations, mare care centers, manufacturers, events, shows, clinics, vet centers, schools and real estate agents.

Service Directories: An exclusive section designed for individuals offering specialized services, such as veternarians, farriers, dentists, excavators, tailors, braiding, insurance, etc.

Trainers/Instructors/Judges Directory: The name says it all - perfect for the equine professional.

Greener Pastures: For that special memorial to a loved one, be that loved one a horse, dog, cat or even a person!

Front Cover: Dedicate a cover to a special friend

Display Ad Rates

Ad prices are for Camera Ready art.

1/8 page 3 11/16" x 2 3/8" $110 $150
1/6 horizontal 3 11/16" x 3 1/4" $140 $190
1/4 page 3 11/16" x 4 7/8" $185 $260
1/3 pie 3 11/16" x 6 1/2" $255 $355
1/3 horizontal 7 1/2" x 3 1/4" $255 $355
1/2 horizontal 7 1/2" x 4 7/8" $330 $480
1/2 vertical 3 11/16" x 10" $330 $480
2/3 horizontal 7 1/2" x 6 1/2" $445 $645
Full Page w/Bleed Document Size: 8 1/2'' x 11'', Live Area Size: 7 1/2'' x 10'', add 0.25'' bleed on all sides $620 $300
Full Page 7 1/2" x 10" $620 $920

Premium Ad Sizes*

Page 3 ad * 4 15/16" x 10" $485 $685
Full page Inside Front Cover * 7 1/2" x 10" $690 $990
Full page Inside Back Cover * 7 1/2" x 10" $655 $955
Full page Back Cover * 7 1/2" x 10" $690 $990
Front Cover - Photo & Caption†*     $460
2 Page Spread (2) 7 1/2" x 10" $1100 $1400
Center Spread * 15 5/8" x 10" $1130 $1430

"Buy in Bulk" Discounts:
Prepaid discounts for prepaid, consecutive month display ads saves you money and hassle! Your business will maintain its presence in The Equiery - and maintain its market share - even if you are out of town or are otherwise unavailable.

3 Consecutive Months Prepaid: 10% off the space rate

6 Consecutive Months Prepaid: 15%off the space rate

12 Consecutive Months Prepaid: 20%off the space rate (essentially, you get the equivalent of almost two months of free advertising!)

Annual contract advertisers receive one free monthly classified, in print and on line.
Contact us to learn more! or 1-800-244-9580 x 101

Premium Placement: 15% of space rate; premium placements on a first come first served basis, reservation required.

Payment may be made with cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Front Cover: Perfect for a Dedication to that Special Horse! Call for more info.

* To reserve a premium ad space, please contact an Equiery ad rep at

Tracy McKenna 800-244-9580 x101, 410-489-7826 x101, 410-489-7828 (fax),

Jennifer Sponseller Webster 800-244-9580 x106, 410-489-7826 x106, 410-489-7828 (fax),

Service Directory Ad Rates

An exclusive section designed for individuals offering specialized services, such as veterinarians, farriers, dentists, excavators, tailors, braiding, insurance, etc. Sorry, no retail or stables permitted in this section. All service directory ads are 2.375 x 1.5 inches (width x height).

3 months $145 b/w, $205 color
6 months $275 b/w, $325 color
12 months $525 b/w, $565 color
include business card or logo & maximum 20 words

Trainers/Instructors/Judges Directory Ad Rates

3 months $125
6 months $225
12 months $400

6 lines, 5 words each line, $1.00 each additional line per month

Greener Pastures Special Memorial Packages

1/6 Vert: one photo, message up to 100 words $100 b/w, $125 color (2 3/8'' x 4 7/8')
1/3 Square: one photo, up to 100 words $200 b/w, $250 color (4 15/16'' x 4 7/8'')
2/3 Vert: up to two photos, up to 200 words $335 b/w, $435 color (4 15/16'' x 10'')
Full Page: up to three photos, up to 250 words $425 b/w, $575 color (7 1/2'' x 10'')
Memorials are designed at the discretion of our Graphics Department.

Special Note: $20 of the special package pricing will be donated, in the name of your animal, to the Maryland Horse Council's Equine Welfare Committee, to help fund educational efforts on horse care and management to help combat neglect and abuse. (all prices include layout/ad design)


Front Cover:
Have you always wanted to know how your horse can be an Equiery Cover Horse? Or maybe how you could promote your trainer better to grow your business? Or perhaps you just want to recognize a client who purchased a fabulous horse from you, or your grand child who has a wonderful year competing. Or perhaps you would like to memorialize a favorite mount.

Well, it is easy.
First, you need to find a selection of good quality photos.
Next, you need to contact The Equiery’s ad manager, Tracy McKenna, at or 1-800-244-9580*101 to see what covers are available (some covers get booked as long as a year in advance).

Covers are $460, paid in advance (we accept all major credit cards). The Equiery reserves the right to accept or refuse photos based on quality and presentation, and The Equiery reserves the right to edit the photo caption for appropriateness.

If you purchase a cover, you will receive 10% off an interior ad, and we will direct readers to the page on which the ad appears in the photo caption.

Ad Artwork

Display Ad prices are for camera ready copy.
Electronic Art is acceptable; for information on requirements for electronic art, click here: Display Ads Digital Art

Ad Design: 10% cost of the ad, $10 per photo.
For ads that need to be design, send text to be included in ad & any logo/graphics.
Ads will be laid out at the discretion of our Graphics Dept., unless otherwise requested. You may include your own mock-up; The Equiery assumes no liability for errors due to handwritten copy).

Special requests, such as photo touch-ups or special effects, are $75 per hour and you must allow a minimum of three weeks prior to deadline.

Not Sure if Your Art is Camera Ready?

The Equiery prefers PDFs (with embedded fonts). All artwork inside Camera Ready ads should be Prepared at 300 dpi grayscale (for black and white) or CMYK for color (No RGB). All text/copy should be entered through a vector based program (e.g. Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Indesign). Raster Programs should NOT be used for text/copy (e.g. PhotoShop). The Equiery cannot accept electronic art as camera ready other than PDFs.

Camera Ready ads must be submitted at the correct print size (listed above). Crop Marks and Registration Marks are not necessary.

We Are Not Able to Accept…
1. A photocopy of text, picture or photograph
2. Copy that has not been properly typeset (i.e. no typewritten, dot matrix, or ink jet output).
3. Marked, smudged, discolored, wrinkled, written-on or Scotch®-taped copy or art.
4. An ad or picture cut from any publication.
5. Any material that is the wrong size or that will not fit within the exact space ordered.
6. PDFs that need to be resized or adjusted.

Don't have camera ready?

If you do not have camera ready art, The Equiery can design your ad for you. Ads are designed at the discretion of our Art Department. We will follow any directions or “roughs” provided by you, and will make every effort to make sure your ad is correct, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The Equiery assumes no liability for errors in ads from handwritten copy). Layout charges are 10% of the space rate (e.g. $18.50 for a Quarter Page ad). There is also a $10 per photo scan charge.

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