FADS First Pro Res Ch Abby Adelburg w/Copasetic (pictured), Intro Pro Res Ch w/Catch Me If You Can
HHSA Baby Green Hunter Ch, Grand Champion Horse Abi Skillman & Boy Has Rhythm © Eileen Earnest
HHSA Lg Pony Hunter Ch, Novice Equitation Ch, Lg Schooling Pony Res Ch; BCHSA Lg Low Pony Hunter Res Ch, Lg Pony Hunter Res Ch Alena Krantz & Surprise Package © Eileen Earnest
HHSA Long Stirrup Hunter Ch Alexa McCormick & Magic At Last
HHSA OPen Performance Horse Ch, Adult Equitation Ch, Pleasure Horse Res Ch Alexis Owings & Secret Weapon © Eileen Earnest
USEA Area 2 Novice Open Ch; MCTA Novice Sr Ch, Novice Horse of the Year Ch Alicia Haines Davis & Beste Ballerina
MSQHA High Pt Novice Am Res Ch Alicia Schwartzbeck & Too Sleepy for Scotch
MSQHA Leadline Ch Allie Rippeon and The Terms Are Sunny (owned by Deanna Rippeon) © Deanna Rippeon
GAIG/USDF Region 1 Intermediarie I Adult Am Ch Amelia Lyon and Elfen String of Pearls © Edwin Lyon
MCTA Training Sr Res Ch Amy Boccia and Whipser Lea
HCHSA Short Stirrup Res Ch Ana Szefc and MRF’s Bambino (owned by Marriottsville Ridge Farm)
MDHMA MD State Fair Supreme Ch Marti and Steve Hobson & Winter Spring Farm Andy Noon (owned by Pine Creek Percherons)
MCTA Novice Jr Ch Anna Fitzhugh & Believe It Or Not
MSA Leading Lady Rider Annie Yeager © Bob Keller
THS Western Res Ch Arianna Cordrey and California Sunshine (owned by Cindy Cordrey)
MSQHA High Pt Novice Am Ch, High Pt Am Res Ch Ashton Sullivan & Suddenly Spicy (owned by Amber Eash)
MPB Jr Handler Ch Audrey Schulze © Tammie J. Monaco
BCHSA Short Stirrup Medal Ch, Short Stirrup Hunter Res Ch Ava Berman & First Romance (owned by Vintage Oaks Horse Farm)
MDA High Score MFS Training Ch Betty Ann Greer & She’s All Silk © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
MSA Leading Trainer Ch Blythe Miller Davies © Fran Scully
MDA First Level Res Ch, Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarship Bobbie Randles and Danitza
MHSA Adult Am Medal Finals Ch, Younger Adult Am Hunter Ch, High Pt Adult Am Hunter Ch, TB Hunter Res Ch; SPHSA Adult Medal Finals Ch; USEF Zone 3 Adult Am USHJA National Hunter Derby Ch, Adult Am Hunter Ch, TB Hunter Ch, Stirrup Cup Adult Am Younger Hunter Ch, Stirrup Cup TB Hunter Ch; VHSA TB Hunter Ch; PHSA Adult Am 18-35 Hunter Ch; EPPHA Adult Am 18-25 Ch Briana Kenerson & Brightly Shining (owned by Mike Keech) © Joanne Beusch
CPJHSA Adult Am Jumper Ch; PHSA Adult Jumper Ch; EPPHA Adult Jumper Ch; USEF Zone 3 Low Adult Jumper Ch; MHSA Low Children’s/Adult Jumper Ch Briana Kenerson & Spectacular Eve (owned by Mike Keech)

USEF/USHJA Zone 3 Hunter Breeding Yearling Ch; MHSA Hunter Breeding Yearling Ch; RPSI Hunter Breeding National Yearling Ch Brilliance (owned by Jamie Sullivan/Snapdragon Stables) © Kevin Sullivan

BCHSA Low Adult Am Hunter Ch Brittany Clapp & Walk The Line (owned by Laura Leroy-Roemer)
PHSA Children’s Jumper Res Ch Brooke Kenerson and Happy Cowgirl (owned by Mike Keech)
USEA Area 2 Adv Open Ch Kate Chadderton & Buckharo (owned by Beth Sokohl) © Brant Gamma
FADS Western & Gaited Res Ch Camellia Gabel and RS Alegre
MHSA Older Children’s Hunter Horse Ch, Older Children’s Hunter Ch Cameron Schmitz & Prime Time
MSA Novice Timber Horse Ch Canyon Road (owned by Gordonsdale Farm, trained by Christopher Kolb, ridden by Mark Beecher, pictured, and Jeff Murphy) © Bob Keller
MCTA Below BN Jr Ch, BBN Horse Ch Caren Meckelnburg & Murphy’s Amigo © Rylee Powers Photography
MDA Training Open Res Ch, Joyce B. Broccolino Scholarship Carol Bossone and Malibu Gold © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
FADS FEI All Ch Carol Herron & Barossa
FADS Training Pro Ch Caroline Jackson & Barcelona SG
FADS First Adult Am Ch Carol Spicer Nair & GOP Tribute
HHSA Low Adult Am Ch, TB Hunter Res Ch Casey Reil & Irish Andy © Eileen Earnest
BCHSA Long Stirrup Medal Ch Cecilia Cooke
MHSA Children’s Jumper Ch; USEF Zone 3 High Children’s Jumper Ch; CPJHSA Children’s/Adult Jumper Res Ch Charleez Simcik & Wisteria Lane © Shawn McMillen
MDA First Open Ch Charlotte Nygard & Pebbles © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
FADS Second & Fourth Pro Ch Cheryl Loane & BF Marie (pictured); FADS First Pro Ch Cheryl Loan & Torecan
MPB Welsh Sec C/D Res Ch Clarwood Prince Zuko (owned by Christine Fisher) © Tammie J. Monaco
MDA Instructor of the Year Claudia Kleinsmith © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
MSA Sm Pony Rider Ch Colin Smith & Bailey © Laura Roemer
MHSA Lg Pony Hunter Res Ch Courtney Morton and Peridot (owned by Katie Petronelli) © Shawn McMillen
BRAHA Non-Reg Arabian Sr to Handle Res Ch handler: Cathy McElroy and Cowboy Caleb
MDA Caitlin Ben Dor Scholarship Riana Walcutt & RoxxStar © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
MHSA Green Working Hunter Ch Chris Wynne & Crack (owned by Darby Cole) © Al Cook
MHSA Hunt Seat on Horse Medal Finals Ch Darby Cole & Queso Grande © Al Cook
BCHSA Low Horse Hunter Ch Debbie E. Hann & Raining Diamonds
MWHA Masters Res Ch Deborah Thomas and Steel the Blues
FADS Training Pro Res Ch Debra Nissen and Princess of Hope
MCTA BN Jr Ch, BN Horse Res Ch Delaney O’Neil & Jasper © Nicole O’Neil
MHSA Lg Jr Hunter Ch, Horse of the Year, High Pt Jr Hunter Ch, High Pt Horse Ch, Gittings Horsemanship Finals Ch Devan Graham & Delorian © Al Cook

USDF Region 1 Fourth Level MFS Ch; USDF Fourth Level MFS Res Ch Domenique Carson & DeLiza © Susan J. Stickle

FADS Second & Fourth Level Res Ch Domenique Carson & Frangelicka
USEA Area 2 Training Open Res Ch; DVCTA Training Open Ch Eliza Herman & Freeman (owned by Eliza Herman, Janet & Robert Henderson) © GRC Photo
DVTA Novice Open Ch Eliza Herman & Miles To Go © GRC Photo
MCTA Below BN Sr Ch, BBN Horse Res Ch; DVCTA Intro Open Ch Eliza Herman & Spirit (owned by Eliza Herman, Janet & Robert Henderson) © GRC Photo

MSQHA High Pt Youth 13 & Under Ch Ella Peters & Simple Be Mine (owned by Gretchen Peters) © Gretchen Peters

MSQHA High Pt Youth 13 & Under Res Ch, High Pt Novice Youth Res Ch Ella Peters & Ante Your Assets © Gretchen Peters
MPB Welsh Sec A Geldings Ch Loafers Lodge Little Big Man, Welsh Sec B Foals Ch Loafers Lodge Sweet Desire, Welshe Section B Foals Res Ch Shenandoah Gaylord, Welsh Sec B Yearlings Ch Loafers Lodge Lady Bird, Welsh Sec B 2yo Res Ch Loafers Lodge Minx, Welsh Sec B Geldings Ch Loafers Lodge Sweet Temptation, Half/Part Bred Welsh Fillies 2yo & Under Ch Loafers Lodge Bridal Shower, Half/Part Bred Welsh Fillies 2yo & Under Res Ch Loafers Lodge Party Favor (all ponies owned by John Almond), pictured is Emily and Meg Gill
MHSA Sm/Med Children’s Pony Hunter Ch Emma Pacheco & Fenway Public Gardens © Carly Genovere
MHSA Sm Pony Hunter Ch Emma Pell & Forget Me Not © Shawn McMillen
HCHSA Low Hunter Ch Evan Crierie (pictured) and Martha McClug & Divinity (owned by Martha McClug)
CBLM Region 1 First Open Res Ch Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel and Eclipse ISF (owned by Beth Gillespie)
MSQHA High Pt Open Ch Florence Arnold & Suddenly Seemour
IBHPC Parent Volunteer of the Year Gemma Button (pictured on the right)
BEST Pleasure Horse Ch, Jr Hunter Ch; MHSA Regional Pleasure Horse Res Ch Gina Ellis & Memory Lane (owned by Kristie Naughton)
MSQHA Novice Youth High Pt Ch Grace Park and Rocked To A Te © Amy Park
BCHSA Long Stirrup Hunter Ch Grace E. Patzer (pictured) and Katherine Brinegar & Liberty (owned by Claddagh Manor)
MHSA Sm/Med Green Pony Hunter Ch; USEF Zone 3 Med Green Pony Ch; VHSA Med Green Pony Res Ch Morgan Rosia & Gypsy’s Sweetheart (owned by Patty Davis) © Shawn McMillen
MSQHA High Pt Youth 14-18 Ch Hallie Bubczyk and Only Old Gold © Jen Bubczyk
MPB Jr Handler Award Hannah Mogel © Tammie J. Monaco

HCPC Mitch Walker (Rider of the Year), Ellie Streaker (Participation Award), Alex Bilodeau (Most Improved D), Teagen Przyborowski (Most Advanced Rider), Grace Gaynor (Most Improved C)

MSA Lg Pony Rider Ch Heidi Herzog & Jordon (owned by Erin Swope) © Bob Keller
MPB Welsh Sec A Yearling Ch Shenandoah Balmoral (owned by Hetty Abeles), Welsh Sec A Stallion Ch Shenandoah Mambrino (owned by Hetty Abeles), Welsh Sec A Gelding Res Ch Farnley Baltimore (owned by Hetty Abeles), Welsh Sec B Yearling Res Ch Shenandoah Fancy (owned by Hetty Abeles), Welsh Sec B Stallion Ch Farnley Ganymede (owned by Hetty Abeles), Half/Partbred Welsh Colts/Geld 2yo & Under Res Ch Shenandoah Coral Beach (owned by Hetty Abeles); MPB Half/Partbred Welsh Mare 3yo & Over Ch Windfall Last Lady (owned by Meridith Mackay-Smith) © Tammie J. Monaco
HCHSA Adult Am Hunter Res Ch, Working Hunter Res Ch Holly VanCourt and Icon © Redline Photography
Erin Reilly (C Tack & Grooming), Emily Ryan (D Tack & Grooming), Ashley Button (D of the Year), Grace Strosnider (D Sportsmanship), Annie Groner (D Most Improved), Ryan Keefe (C of the Year), Hallie Kling (C Sportsmanship) and Catherine White (C Most Improved)
MHSA Regional Children’s Hunter Horse Ch; BEST Children’s Hunter Ch; CESHA Children’s Hunter Res Ch Isabel Emond & Reve de Souvenirs © Tami Tritapoe
BEST 2’ Jumper Res Ch; MHSA Regional Children’s/Adult Am Jumper Res Ch Jacqueline Bowen and Hakuna Matata
BCHSA Lg Low Pony Hunter Ch, Lg Pony Hunter Ch, Equitation 13 & Under Ch, Pony Hunter Classic Ch, Pony Medal Ch Jacqueline Needle & Frostline
HCHSA Limited Adult Equitation Ch, Adult Pleasure Ch Janice Cermatori & All In Good Time
MWHA Western B Res Ch Jessica Dunbar and A Lucky Zippo Asset (owned by April Dunbar)
WIHS Adult Hunter Ch Jessica Lohman & Davenport (owned by Dani Di Pietro) © Shawn McMillen
MCTA BN Jr Res Ch Jessica Napoli and What a Coincidence
MHSA Regional Adult Am Hunter Ch Jessica Schindler & Shirlaine (owned by Marsha Herbert) © T. McCoy
BLM Pas de Deux Res Ch Jessica Schaberg and Katie Martin
CPJHSA Combined Pony Hunter Ch; MHSA Sm Pony Hunter Res Ch Jianna Simcik & Tinseltown (owned by Charleez Simcik) © Shawn McMillen
HHSA Adult Am Hunter Ch Jill Frassetto & MD Moonshine © Eileen Earnest
BCHSA Catie Carnes Pleasure Schooling Hack Ch, Pre Children’s/Adult Hunter Res Ch Joellina Stewart & Confetti
MDA Training Open Ch, HIgh Score Training Test 3 Ch Jude Martin & Grand Entrance © Phoebe DeVoe-More

MPB Welsh Sec A Foal Res Ch Copper Beech Turkish Coffee, Welsh Sec A 2yo Res Ch Copper Beech Irish Lace, Welsh Sec A Mare Res Ch Severn Hollyberry Bow (all owned by JudithAnn Hartman) © Tammie J. Monaco

TASS High Pt TB Ch, High Pt Gelding Ch, High Pt Hunter Ch, High Pt Diversity Res Ch Judy Schaefer & Genius Gold
BCHSA Open Hunter Ch; USEF Zone 3 Sm Hunter Ch; USEF National Sm Hunter Ch; TASS High Pt Mare Ch, High Pt MD-bred Ch, High Pt MD-sired Ch, MD Equiery Award winner, High Pt TB Res Ch, High Pt Hunter Res Ch Judy Schaefer & Jet Set © Hannah Himelfarth
BCHSA Sm/Med Pleasure Pony Ch Julianne Astrada & Little Hershey Kiss (owned by All In Stride)
MCTA Training Sr Ch Julie Abe & Efusiva
HCHSA Limited Adult Equitation Ch, Adult Pleasure Ch Janice Cermatori & All In Good Time
HITS Culpeper Low Children's Jumper Ch; USHJA Zone 3 Res Ch Low Children's Jumper Horse of the Year Julia Ziffer & Ultimate © Deborah Ziffer
HHSA Adult Pony Hunter Res Ch Kara Sexton and Show Me O Romeo © Eileen Earnest
BCHSA Hopeful Hunter Ch Kassidi H. Scarborough & Spot On (owned by Laura Leroy-Roemer)
MHSA Regional Low Children’s Medal Final Ch, Low Children’s Hunter Horse Ch Katie Morgan & Some Assembly Required © CMN Photography
MCTA Training & Above Sr Ch, Training & Up Sr Horse Res Ch Katie Novotny & Cosmic Messenger
USEF PHR Silver Stirrup Training National Ch, PHR Silver Stirrup Prelim Reg 3 Res Ch Katy Americo & Karvaly
WIHS Children’s Jumper Ch Katy Hamilton & Sacha 12 (owned by Old Barrington LLC) © Shawn McMillen
BCHSA Pre Children’s/Adult Hunter Ch, Catie Carnes Pleasure Scholarship Hack Res Ch Kayla Maxwell & Vicarus (owned by Claddagh Manor)
HHSA Modified Hunter Ch Kaylin Busch & Saratoga; HHSA Modified Hunter Res Ch Emily Baker & Beacoup © Eileen Earnest
MHSA Regional Low Adult Am Hunter Ch Kelly Thaw & Dartanian © Emily Thaw
MSQHA High Pt Youth 14-18 Res Ch Kelsey McArthur and Outlaw For Hire © Linda McArthur
MHSA Regional Children’s/Adult Am Jumper Ch Kenna Cramer & Lord Henry © JoAnn Schaudles
FADS Eventing Res Ch Kenneth Harkness and J-Walker
AQHA Breeders National Futurity Am 2yo Geld Ch handler Kim Fullwood & Who Dated Who (owned by Kim Fullwood) © Larry Williams Photography
MHSA 3’3’’ Older OA Hunter Ch Kristin Silon & Providence

MHSA AO Hunter 3’6’’ Ch, High Performance Hunter Ch, High Pt AO Hunter Ch Laura Schroff Scaletti (pictured) and Jonelle Mullen & Heartthrob (owned by Laura Schroff Scaletti) © Jeff Stryker

BEST Children’s Sm/Med Hunter Pony Ch, Pony of the Year; MHSA Regional Sm/Med Pony Hunter Res Ch Lauren Hale & Toy Machine
MHSA Lg Children’s Pony Hunter Ch Lauren Katz & Highland’s Right Royal (owned by Alexandra Panetta) © Ramsey
BCHSA TB Hunter Ch, Children’s/Low Adult Hunter Ch, Low Horse Hunter Res Ch, Low Adult Am Hunter Res Ch Lauren Moran & Allumination (owned by Claddagh Manor)
BCHSA Adult Equitation Ch, Adult Medal Ch, Adult Am Hunter Ch; MHSA RegionalAdult Am Equitation Ch, Adult Am Hunter Res Ch Lauren Moran & Allure
FADS Second Adult Am Ch Leslie Raulin & Aviani
MHSA Regional Sm/Med Pony Hunter Ch Lexi Mumford & Outloud © Jack Mumford
TASS Am Rider Ch Lexi Pasqual and Dusty Nickle © Shawn McMillen
MHSA Regional Short Stirrup Hunter Ch Lilly Paquette & Felix Felicius (owned by Kristen Naughton) © Bill Solis
MHSA Regional Low Pony Hunter Ch Lily Turner & Touch of Blue © Carly Genovere
APFS 3yo Am Paso Fino Pleasure Filly Ch Lisa Gorsuch & La Gema de Middlefield (owned by Lisa & Keith Gorsuch) © Larry Williams
MSQHA Am High Pt Ch Lisa Williams and A Fine Yellow Rose © Tracy Williams
HFDS Intro High Pt Ch Liuda Galinaitis & Serge
MDA Intro Open Ch Lori King & An Ultimate Rain © Phoebe De-Voe Moore
MHSA Conformation Hunter Ch Kenny Krome & Camille (owned by Louna Primm) © Al Cook
MHSA Adult Equitation Ch Lydia Kikolski © Robert Kikolski
MSQHA High Pt W/T Ch Maddie Rippeon and The Terms Are Sonny (owned by Deanna Rippeon) © Deanna Rippeon
MHSA Med Pony Hunter Ch Madelaine Black & Rodeo Drive © Catherine Black
MWHA English W/T Ch Madison Dunbar & Good to be Envyed (owned by April Dunbar)
Laurel Park Fall Meet Trainer Ch Kieron Magee & Jockey Ch Jevian Toledo © Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club
MPB Welsh Sec B Geld Res Ch Clarwood City Slicker (owned by Maria Hudgins) © Tammie J. Monaco
USEA Lady Rider Ch, Intermediate Adult Rider Res Ch Marilyn Little © Katherine O. Rizzo
MHSA Regional Low Hunter Ch Renee Kidd & Will Be Tempted (owned by Mary Beth Lanza) © Emily Thaw
MHSA Regional Working Hunter Ch Renee Kidd & Tempted (owned by Mary Beth Lanza)
MHSA 3’3’’ Lg Hunter Ch Mary Claire Medeiros & Argento © David Mullinix
MHSA Pre-Children’s Pony Hunter Ch McKenna Gooden & Strawberry Wine © ENH Photography
MSA Voss Am Flat Ch McLane Hendricks © Bob Keller
MHSA Regional Pleasure Horse Ch Megan Faery & After All
HCHSA Low Children’s Hunter Ch, TB Hunter Ch Meredith Buller & Leap of Faith (owned by Rebecca Geipe)
HHSA USEF Medal Ch Michelle Tomasini & Little Concern © Brittany Sommer Photography
FADS Third Adult Am Res Ch Mieke Meurs and Eddie
WIHS Pony Equitation Ch Mimi Gochman & Storyteller (owned by Fair Play Farm) © Shawn McMillen
MSHMA Halter 2yo Percheron Filly Ch handler Matthew Beam & Miss Kim Eversong (owned by Beamview Farm)
MCTA Training & Above Rider Ch, Training & Above Horse Res Ch; CDCTA Prelim Jr Ch; USEA Area 2 Prelim Jr/YR Res Ch Molly Sherman & Karoo (owned by Cheryl Sherman) © Cherly Sherman
FADS Intro J/YR Ch Morgan Coley & Mondavi
BCHSA Children’s Hunter Ch, Horse of the Year, Jr Sportsmanship Morgan Geelhaar & Al Pacino
HHSA Natalie Schlict (trainer), Madelyn Blum (14-17 Equitation Ch, Children’s Hunter Res Ch w/Classical Masterpiece), Holly White (Schooling Horse Res Ch w/Kodak Moment), Tyler Daniels (Hopeful Hunter Ch; BCHSA Hopeful Hunter Res Ch w/Rum Chatta), Zoe Crouse, Abby Earnest (Green Pony Hunter Ch w/Perception) © Eileen Earnest
MHSA 3’6’’ AO Hunter Res Ch Nicole Wood & Cello
MHSA Adult Am Jumper Ch, High Pt Adult Am Jumper Ch Nicole Wood & Vendetta © Hoof Print Images
MHSA Regional Lg Pony Hunter Ch, Jr Equitation Ch Olivia Brown & Puddle Jumper (owned by Spencer Hennessy) © Lisa Challenger
MDA Training YR Res Ch Olivia DuBois and Pebbles © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
TASS Overall Jumper Ch, War Horse Ch, WVV-bred Ch, CANTER Listing Ch Olivia Stanley & Positively Macho © Suzanne Fischer
MDHMA Draft Horse U/S Ch, Adult High Pt Rider Ch Stephanie Beam & Patriot’s Morning’s First Beam (owned by Christopher Beam)
MDA Intro Maiden Ch Phoebe DeVoe-Moore & Lovin Life FLF
BCHSA Pre Children’s/Pre Adult Medal Ch Rachel Stockslager & Officer Murphy (owned by Patricia Gray)

MSA Horse of the Year, MD-bred Ch, MD Million-sired Ch Raven’s Choice (owned by Mrs. Cary Jackson, trained by Todd Wyatt); MSA Overall Leading Rider, Leading Timber Rider, Leading Am Rider Mark Beecher; NSA Timber Jockey Ch, Am Rider Ch © Elizabeth Scully

FADS Western & Gaited Ch Rebecca Gabel & RS Alegre
USEA Area 2 Training Jr/YR Ch; IBHPC C Rider of the Year; MCTA Training Jr Ch, Mare Novice & Above Ch, Training & Above Jr Horse Ch Ryan Keefe & Idle Secret
HCHSA Mini Stirrup Ch Rylan VanCourt & Has My Heart
MSQHA High Pt W/T Res Ch Sadie Peters and Ante Your Assets (owned by Gretchen Peters) © Gretchen Peters
MPB Welsh Sec B Mare Ch Rosenhaven Lady Slipper (owned by Sally Steinmetz); MPB Welsh Sec B Mare Res Ch Rosenhaven Minuet (owned by Sall Steinmetz) © Tammie J. Monaco
WIHS Children’s Hunter Ch Samantha Karp & Zentina B © Shawn McMillen
PHBA Am Golden Horse Ch Samantha Mason & Cutescenario (owned by Janet Biederman)
MPB Welsh Sec A Foals Ch Severn Bellhop, Welsh Sec A 2yo Ch Severn Bay Rum, Welsh Sec A Mares Ch Shallow Creek Jubilee (all owned by Severn Farm represented by Sarah Iliff) © Tammie J. Monaco

BCHSA Equitation 14-17 Ch, Jr Medal Ch, Jr Hunter Ch, Jr/Adult Hunter Ch; MHSA Regional Horse of the Year Ch, Children’s Hunter Horse Res Ch Selina Petronelli & Made You Look (pictured); BCHSA Open Hunter Res Ch w/Hat City (owned by Claddagh Manor)

HCHSA Benefit Hack Ch, Pre Children’s Hunter Ch Shannon McGowan & Avenue (owned by Jennifer Webster)
MDA Third Open Ch, Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarship Shelley Caplan & Resoult © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
MDA Second Open Res Ch Shelley Caplan & Doc © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
USDF All Breeds NA TB Society Adult Am Training Ch Shira Rosenthal & Trey Bear
MSA Am Apprentice Timber Horse & Rider Ch Bethany Baumgardner & Snow Blizzard (owned by Equinox Stable, trained by Nancy Knox) © Harry Aycock
BCHSA Sm/Med Low Pony Hunter Ch Sofia McCoy & Edgewood’s Foxy Lady (owned by Marsha B. Herbert) © T. McCoy
HHSA Sm/Med Schooling Pony Ch, Sm Pony Hunter Ch, Novice Equitation Res Ch Sophia Pobletts & Best Food Forward © Eileen Earnest
MDA Training YR Ch Sophie Elisseeff & Cole © Phoebe DeVoe-Moore
HCHSA Low Adult Hunter Ch Stephanie Rowan & Avenue (owned by Jennifer Webster)
MSA Am Apprentice Timber Horse & Rider Ch Erika Taylor & Sumo Power (owned/trained by Blythe Miller Davies) © Fran Scully
MDA Second Open Ch Susan Brooks & Canadadream Alex Regent
MDA Third Open Res Ch Susan Brooks & Revel
FADS Training Adult Am Ch Tammy Murphy & Versace
MPB Jr Handler Award Taylor Carton © Tammie J. Monaco
MSA Med Pony Rider Ch Taylor Leatherman & Splash © Bob Keller
WIHS Adult Jumper Ch Tegan Elizabeth Treacy & Catalyst (owned by Starlight Farms LLC) © Shawn McMillen
MCTA First Year Ch Tiffany Wandy & Mr. Titan
MHSA Combined Jumper Ch Tracy Magness & Tresor du Paradis (owned by John & Barbara Bartko) © Wendy Libert
MCTA BN Sr Ch, BN Horse Ch Veronique Mallet & Rumors © GRC Photo
WIHS Equitation Ch Victoria Colvin & Patrick (owned by Dr. Betsee Parker) © Shawn McMillen
BCHSA Short Stirrup Hunter Ch, Pony of the Year Ch Victoria Roemer & Heaven Sent
FADS Intro Jr/YR Res Ch Viktoria Koch-Paiz and Tom Thumb
MSA Leading Trainer Ch William Dowling © Harry Aycock
HHSA Child on a Horse Medal Ch Zabelle Van Dam & Rum Chata © Brittany Sommer Photography
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BCHSA Equitation 14-17 Res Ch Zabelle Van Dam & Malibu Kid
IDHSS Supreme Purebred Ch Brittany Fiebrandt & Ivy (owned by Vicki and Skip Crawford) © Karen K. Wenzel