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Barn Builders

"Keep the barn in good, safe condition. Check electrical wiring. Fences should be safe and well maintained. As much as possible, eliminate mud! Improve drainage around the barn ... cover problem areas with stone over heavy-duty landscape cloth."

-Joyce Corcoran, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Generally speaking, a property should have first impression appeal. If it needs painting, fence repairs and has debris or trash laying around, the best initial investment would be to get that taken care of. Then upgrade landscaping, fencing, buildings, driveway, home, etc."

-Dan Roger, Re/Max Quality Service

"Most buyers form their opinion about your property in the first two minutes. Approach your property like a buyer would. This means starting with the outside first. The approach to your property should be clean, fencing in good repair and attractive landscaping."

-Laura-Lee Jones. Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.

"Make the farm as turnkey as possible. Few buyers enjoy a project to make the farm functional right from the get go. Have adequate storage for equipment to maintain the property as well as a suitable place for manure, and a plan for removal. Convenient bedding and hay storage should be available. Make the place look functional and easy to run. "

-Tracy Diamond, Re/Max Advantage Realty



"Clean up the junk, fix the obvious broken fences, barn siding, etc. Get green grass growing and mow the entrance areas to show a nice entrance. First impressions do count."

-Bob Ensor, Ensor Realty, LLC


Farm Equipment

"Clean up the junk and yard and farm debris. Clear clutter and outside and inside waste, junk and unnecessary things. Make all areas as clean and cleared out as possible. It can make a huge difference. "

-Dee Miles, Realty Executives


Farm & Pasture Services
"Over grazed pastures suggest many negative things to the buyer, like not enough pasture to support the number of stalls or lack of maintenance by the seller. Lush, groomed pastures make a statement."

-Tracy Diamond, Re/Max Advantage Realty

"Clean up trash and junk! Don't have an old pile of broken equipment in a corner or stored in the hay loft. When your property sells, you will need to get it out anyway so do it now and not later. Throw away those empty feedbags and remove the manure pile."
"If you can smell it, you can't sell it!"

-Joan Jernigan, Re/Max Achievers





"Repair obvious damage to fences, roofs, home, etc. Do repairs properly and do not band aid them. Landscape, mow, mulch, plant flowers, trim trees, bushes, etc. Make every area as pleasant to the eye as possible. A fresh coat of stain and paint on anything and everything makes a home and farm sell faster and can get you more money as well."

-Dee Miles, Realty Executives


Financial Services



"With increased development limiting riding out from many properties, having a place to ride and train on the premises is an important feature. Outdoor rings are typically one of the most cost effective fix ups. Buyers want some sort of all weather footing. "

-Tracy Diamond, Re/Max Advantage Realty





"To increase the chance of selling quickly, know what federal and state programs (EQIP, CREP, Ag Preservations, etc) the farm is eligible to be enrolled in and what the potential annual income is. Note the tax advantages of operating the farm."

-Bob Ensor, Ensor Realty, LLC

To read more about what state programs farms can apply to for funds, click here.

"With the spring thaw and better weather, my advice is start outside and work your way in."

-Laura-Lee Jones, Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc..


Legal Services


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