HHSA Long Stirrup Hunter Res Ch - Abigail Earnest & Cop'n Attitude
MHSA Pre Children's Hunter Horse Res Ch - Maggie Dillon & About Time
HHSA Novice Equitation Ch, Equitation 13 & Under Res Ch - Adaline Fair & Caramel Cream
BCHSA Leadline 4 7 Under Ch - Addison Huffman & Lady Gwendolyn
PVDA/Equiery Dressage Award winner - Alexa Briscoe & Wildfeuer © Coklin Photographic
SVPC Most Improved Rider - Alexandra Broadhurst
BCHSA Short Stirrup Ch, Short Stirrup Equitation Ch - Alexandra Hershfield & Queen of Hearts
USDF Jr/YR Training Level Ch, HIgh Pt New Forest Pony Ch, Jr/YR First Level Res Ch; BEST 2'6'' Jumpers Ch, 2'9'' Jumpers Ch - Shannen Sullivan & Wicked Willoughbie
USDF GAIG Adult Am Fourth Level Ch, Third Level MFS Ch, Third Level Adult Am Res Ch - Alexandra Whiteman-Hudson & Leggendarre © Susan Stickle
HHSA Lg Schooling Pony Res Ch - Alexis Fleming & Surprise Package
HHSA Pleasure Horse Res Ch - Alexis Owings & Secret Weapon
HCHSA Short Stirrup Medal Ch, Children's Pleasure Res Ch - Alison Bohlin & Meet Fred Flintstone © Redline Event Photography
MDA Training Young Horse Ch - Amanda Beffel & Independecia FBF © Claudia Weeks
CRC Open Western Res Ch - Amanda Schellhamer & Skip On Wall Street
MWHA Speed B Ch - Amber Goff & Rodneys Amazin Grace
MDA Training Novice Ch - Amie Lebo & Ollie
MSQHA Sm Fry Showmanship Res Ch, Sm Fry W/T Pleasure Res Ch - Amina Harouna & AZR Zippos Hotrod
MCTA Sr Training Rider Res Ch - Amy Boccia © GRC Photo
MHSA MD-Resident Adult Am hunter Younger Ch, Eastern Shore Horse Ch, Adult Am Equitation Ch; BEST MHSA Adult Am Hunter Ch - Amy Jo Jackson & Stonington Blues © Marci Ryan
BCHSA Pleasure Horse Ch - Anatasia Vialov & Prideland (owned by Betty McCue)
MHSA Lg Pony Hunter Res Ch - Lauren Watts & Ante Up
MCTA Sr BN Rider Ch, BN Horse Ch - April Hornbeck & Dromin's Folly © Rough Coat Photo
USDF 4yo Ch, Material Ch - Aragon (owned by Cynthia & Craig Roberts) © Susan Stickle
VQHA Novice Am Hunt Seat Equitation Res Ch - Ashley Noble & Gimmie Samoa Cookies © Shay Nicely
MHSA MD-Resident Pre Children's Hunter Horse Ch, Pre Children's Hunter Horse Ch - Karrie Dash & Baggio (owned by Madeline Harman)

MHSA Non-TB Yearling Ch - Bandelero JSF (owned by Kay Francella)
MHSA Am Handler Res Ch - Kimberly Risser © Richard Clay

USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Oldenburg/ISR Res Ch - Beaucoup d'Amis (owned by Trisha DeRosa)
MHSA Sm Jr Hunter Res Ch - Gabriella Conte & Best Of (owned by Kathryn Maginnis) © The Book LLC
MHSA Lg Green Pony Hunter Ch - Zoe Lewczak & Blue October
MHSA Sm Pony Hunter Ch - Sarah Boston & Blue on Blue © The Book LLC
MHSA Leading Trainer, Lady Timber Ch - Blythe Miller Davis © Bob Keller
TASS Filly/Mare Ch, MD-bred Res Ch - Bokus (owned by Michael Bordwell)
TASS Filly/Mare Res Ch - Perfect Image (JC Name: Relic's Hope), (owned & ridden by Briana Kenerson) © JAH Photography
HHSA Adult Equitation Ch, Low Adult Am Hunter Ch, Baby Green Hunter Res Ch - Briana Kenerson & ID Required
HCHSA Jr Equitatio 14-17 Ch, Jr Hunter Ch - Brianna Mentle & Steal © Redline Event Photography
MDA Second Level Open B Ch, President's Unsung Hero Award - Brianne Reynolds & Hersheys Kisses
HCHSA Hopeful Hunter Ch, Low Hunter Res Ch - Brittnay Wilbur & Upper Manhattan
BCHSA Sm/Med Pony Ch, Sm/Med Pony Hunter Ch - Brooke Hare & Woodland's Lil Bill
HHSA Equitation 14-17 Res Ch, Green Horse Hunter Res Ch - Brooke Kenerson & Pretty in Pink
MHSA Pre Green Hunter 3'' Ch - Kenneth Krome & Camille (owned by Louna Primm) © Hoof Print Images
TASS Green Horse Ch - Campside (owned & ridden by Jennifer Webster)
MdHP High Fences Ch - Candace Gerrety (PHC), Suzanne Hanagan (NMMVH) & Jim Gerrety (PHC)
FADS Training Res Ch - Carrie Ahonen & Tempestas SG
HCHSA Schooling Jumper Ch - Cary Hundley & Mischief Managed
MSA Stubben Ultimate Foxhunter - Catherine Fredericks © Bob Keller
BRAHA Non-registered Arabian in hand Ch, Non-registered Arabian Under Saddle Ch - Cathy McElroy & Cowboy Caleb
SRS English Jr Ch - Catlian Flemming & Cloudy
MWHA Speed Y Res Ch - Charlizee Stair & Jasmine
FADS Training Ch - Cheryl Loane & Cole
SRS Western Pleasure Ch - Christina Reithlingshiefer
USDF Grand Prix Musical Freestyle Res Ch - Christine Betz & Catus
MHSA Sm/Med Green Pony Hunter Res Ch - Courtney Morton & Christopher Robin
AERC Northeast Ch Claire R. Godwin DVM & Sundown Reveille+/ © Hughes Photography
HHSA Children's Hunter Horse Ch - Connor Bayley & Last Wish
MPB Welsh Sec A Foal Ch - Copper Beech Irish Lace (owned by JudithAnn Hartman)
MHSA Lg Jr Hunter Ch - Annie Diehl & Cosil
WBTA Lg Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch; MHSA MD-Resident Lg Children's Hunter Pony Ch, Lg Children's Hunter Pony Ch - Courtney Salkeld & Make A Splash
MHSA Side Saddle Res Ch - Marcie Michael with Dark & Stormy
HCHSA Adult Pleasure Ch, Limited Adult Equitation Res Ch - Debbie Dietrich & Code Red
MCTA Jr Rider Below BN Ch, First Year Horse Ch - Delaney O'Neil & Jasper © Leslie Bertram
USDF CBLM Second Level Sr A Res Ch - Nicki Carson & DeLiza
HCHSA Hopeful Jumper Ch - Denise Curtis & Socialite
DRF Team Penning Ch, One on One Ch - Denny Savage & Roxy
DRF All Around Cowboy Ch, One on One Res Ch, Cowboy Trail Challenge Open Ch, Fun Day Adult Open Ch - Derek Gallupe & Pongo
HCHSA Schooling Hunter Res Ch - Desiree Bennet & Little Bit of Leo (owned by Shelly Buhlman)
MSA Leading Female Jockey - Diana Gillam © Bob Keller
From left: DRF Youth One on One Res Ch Lulu Schram & Outlaw; DRF Youth Team Penning Res Ch Katie Groomes & Piglet; DRF Team Penning Res Ch, Novice Team Penning Res Ch, Youth Team Penning Ch, Youth One on One Ch, Cowboy Trail Challenge Novice Ch, Fun Day Youth Speed Ch Danielle Gallupe & Daisy © The Picture Escape
FADS USEA Res Ch - E.J. Rivera & Consuela
BCHSA Jr Hunter Ch, Equitation 14-17 Res Ch - Elizabeth Mohler & What 'A Day (owned by Garrison Forest School)
MCTA Sr Training & Above Rider Res Ch, Equiery Eventing Award winner - Eliza Herman & Freeman
FSApHC W/T 10 & Under Speed Ch - Ella Dimmick & Anio Dusty Road © Linda Davis
CCWC W/T B Ch - Emilia Lawler with Salt & Pepper (owned by Sunset Valley Farm)
MHSA Children's Hunter Pony Medal Finals Ch - Emily Thaw
BCHSA Long Stirrup Equitation Ch, Long Stirrup Hunter Res Ch - Emily Van Beek & Gracie (owned by Elizabeth Blaisdell)
USDF CBLM Intermediate I Res Ch - Hallie Ahrnsbrak & Emmitt (owned by John Bartlett)
BEST Sr English Pleasure Ch - Erica Rozek & The Full Monty
MSA Jonathan Kiser Memorial Scholarship winner - Erin Swope © Katherine O. Rizzo
MHSA MD-Resident Adult Am Hunter Older Res Ch - Lisa Kristiansen & Fallido
MSA Foxhunter Timber Ch - Forest Kelly © Bob Keller
MSA Steeplechase Horse of the Year - Foyle (owned by Merriefield Farm, trained by H. Bruce Fenwick, ridden by James Slater) © Bob Keller
BCHSA Lg Pony Hunter Ch, Equitation 14-17 Ch, Pony Medal Finals Ch - Gabrielle Bernier & Molly Bloom © Shawn McMillen
MSA Jr Horse TB Rider Ch, Lg Pony Rider Ch, Overall Pony Rider Ch - Gabrielle Bernier © Zane Gorove
MSQHA Halter Aged Ch, MWHA Halter Aged Ch - Geegee Lowe & A Regal Move © A.M. Ambrose
MSQHA Youth Speed Ch, MWHA Youth Speed Ch - Geegee Lowe & Hillbilly Mischief
DRF Most Rides of the Year - Glenn Robertson & Freddie
HHSA Lg Pleasure Pony Res Ch, Green Pony Hunter Res Ch - Grace Crawford & Banbury Cloud 9
CRC Open English Res Ch - Gretchen Kimball & Gucci's Only Invite
HHSA Pleasure Horse Ch - Laura Leroy Roemer (pictured) & Meredith Leroy aboard Gyntaro (owned by Laura Leroy Roemer)
PVDA USEA Novice Adult Am Ch; TASS PA-bred Res Ch; USEA Area II BN Open Res Ch - Hannah Ong & Lump Sum © Hoof Print Images
MHSA Adult Am Medal Finals Ch - Hannah Williams
MHSA Pre Adult Hunter Res Ch - Lydia McClain & Happy Landings © Hoof Print Images
SVPC Pony of the Year - Harley (ridden by Eliza McBain, owned by the McBain Family)
USDF American Warmblood Training Level Ch - Heidi Berry & B'Gilded
MCTA Sr N Rider Ch, Homebred Ch - Heidi Robertson & Redshift © Shannon Brinkman
MHSA Side Saddle Ch - Lou Bowling-Steinfort & Honneur (owned by Hope Guzzo)
MHSA Children's Hunter Horse Older Res Ch, MD-Resident Children's Hunter Horse Older Res Ch - ALlison Kilroy & Inside Scoop (owned by Taylor Serio)
MHSA Non-TB Foal Ch - Ironreign (owned by Magdalene Carolan, shown by Tina Peters)
MHSA Non-TB 2yo Ch, HIgh Point Non-TB - Ironrose (owned by Magdalene Carolan, shown by Tina Peters)
HCHSA Schooling Pony Hunter Ch - Isabella Kimmel & Irish Mist (owned by Kara Listrani)
HCHSA Long Stirrup Medal Res Ch - Isla Vogelsang & Farnley Caviar (owned by Shelly Buhlman)
MCTA Jr Training Rider Res Ch - Jackson Schrickel © Sami Schrickel
Morgan Dressage Association Educational Scholarship - Jaclyn Sink & Sil'Sations Spirit
BCHSA Lg Low Pony Hunter Ch, Pony of the Year; USHJA Silver Outreach Ch - Jacqueline Needle & Frostline © Sydney Morgan
MSA Overall Leading Rider, Leading Timber Rider, Leading Am Rider; NSA TImber Jockey of the Year James Slater © Bob Keller
From left: SRS English Sr Res Ch Janet Whelan; SRS Sr Western Res Ch Debbie Osborn (daughter Megan accepting award); SRS Sr Equitation Ch Lauren Risby & Matilda
BCHSA Short Stirrup Medal Finals Ch - Jenna Van Pelt & Secret Garden
MHSA Short Stirrup Blue Merit Award, CPJHSA Pony Hunter Res Ch - Goose Bumps (ridden by Jianna & Charleez Simcik, owned by Charleez Simcik) © Shawn McMillen
FSApHC Novice Non-Pro Western Ch - Jill Shumaker & Mighty Fyne Dream © Linda Davis
MdHP Low Fences Ch - Joe McBride (PHC), Taylor Gerrety (PHC) & Candace Gerrety (PHC)
MSA Jr Non-TB Horse Rider Ch - John Brophy © Zane Gorove
MHSA TB Mare Ch - Jr's Freedom (owned by Magdalene Carolan, shown by Tina Peters)
USEA Advanced Master Am Res Ch, Intermediate Master Am Res Ch - Julia Wendell & Cavendish © Kristen McDaniel
MSA Hurdy Gurdy Perpetual Trophy winner - Justin Batoff & Prospectors Strike © Bob Keller
FADS Intro Jr/YR Ch - Kate Sulek & Giselle III
MCTA Sr Rider Below BN Res Ch, BBN Horse Res Ch - Kathi Law & Jewles Relic © Victoria Harvey
HCHSA Limited Adult Equitation Ch - Kathryn Belill & Green I Am
MCTA Jr BN Rider Ch, BN Horse Res Ch - Katie Allenbaugh & Mischief Managed © Brant Gamma
HCHSA Adult Pleasure Res Ch - Katie Amacher & Naughty by Nature
USDF CBLM Third Level Musical Freestyle Ch, Fourth Level Ch, Third Level Res Ch - Katie Haugh & Wiecor VA (owned by March Enders)
USDF Doris Schadt Memorial Perpetual Trophy, Patsy Albers Tribute Trophy - Katie McCully © Pics of You
MCTA Sr Training & Above Rider Ch, Sr Horse of the Year Res Ch - Katie Novotny & Cosmic Messenger © Kristen Acampora
PVDA OBS/GOV Ch - Katie Straton & Liberty Belle (owned by Connie Brathuhn)
CRC Open Western Ch, Open Versatility Res Ch - Kelley Livelsberger & Might Be Tempted
MSA Sm Pony Rider Ch - Kellie Witte © Bob Keller
MSQHA/Equiery Western Award winner - Kelsey McArthur & PSU Obvious Emotion
BCHSA Leadline 5-7 Res Ch - KiMani Davenport & Lady Gwendolyn
MWHA Speed A Res Ch - Kim Holland & Money Well Wasted
USDF CBLM First Level Res Ch - Kitty Martin & Dixon
FADS Fourth Level Ch - Krista Martinko & Mythic Jama
MBPA Half-Welsh Gelding 3 & Over Ch - Larks Token (owned by Kaitlin & Elizabeth Hofer)
MCTA Sr N Rider Res Ch - Laura Beebe © Leslie Bertram
HHSA Schooling Hunter Ch - Laura Leroy-Roemer & Last Wish
USDF CBLM Training Level Res Ch - Lauren Kimmel & Rag Doll © WNC Photo
BCHSA Low Hunter Ch, Low Adult Am Hunter Ch, High Pt TB Hunter Ch, JC TIP Ch, Horse of the Year Ch; TASS Overall Horse Res Ch, Gelding Res Ch, Hunter Ch - Lauren Moran & Allumination (JC Name: Deep Threat)
BCHSA Adult Am Hunter Ch, Adult Equitation Ch, Catie Carnes Open Scholarship Pleasure Hack Ch, Adult Medal Finals Ch, Open Hunter Res Ch - Lauren Moran & Allure
BEST Green Horse & Pony Res Ch - Linda LaCotti & Aspen Street (owned by Anne Jones) © Anne M. Jones
BEST 2'3'' Schooling Hunter Ch - Linda LaCotti & Avonlea Way (owned by Anne Jones) © Anne M. Jones
FADS Intro Adult Am Res Ch - Lisa Feit & Rockin' Raja
MCTA Sr BN Rider Res Ch - Lisa Massee © Leslie Bertam
LRC Hopeful Hunter Ch - Liuda Galinaitis & Serge
LRC Pleasure Pony Ch, Equitation 13 & Under Res Ch - Lockslea Mayers & Dapper Dan © Rachel Anschueto Photography
HCHSA Mini Stirrup Res Ch - Logan Peacock & Northwind Luther (owned by Kara Listrani)
USDF Adult Am Training Ch, First Level Ch - Lucy Tidd & Ellert HB
HHSA Long Stirrup Medal Ch - Maddy Finnan & Tantallon Mayflower
BCHSA Jr Hunter Medal Finals Ch; MHSA MD-Resident Children's Hunter Horse Younger Ch - Madeline McManus & Invesco
HHSA Working Horse Hunter Ch, Jr Hunter Res Ch - Madison Niller & Alladin
MHSA Lg Children's Hunter Pony Ch, MD-Resident Lg Children's Hunter Pony Ch; WBTA Lg Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch - Courtney Salkeld & Make A Splash
USEA Area II Prelim Open Ch; MCTA Mare N & Above Ch, Sr Horse of the Year Ch - Mardi Herman & Go Gilda © Tracy McKenna
HHSA Lg Schooling Pony Ch, Lg Pony Hunter Ch, Grand Ch Pony Overall, Equitation 13 & Under Ch - Marina Mecinski & Wheel of Fortune © Jess Uematsio
HCHSA Low Am HUnter Ch - Martha McClung & Sir Buttercup
FSApHC Youth 14-18 English Ch, Novice 17 & Under Ch - Mason Collins & Rockin Design © Linda Davis
MHSA Adult Am Hunter Younger Ch, MD-Resident Adult Am Hunter Younger Res Ch - Jessica Lohman & Master Plan © Hoof Print Images
EPRHA Limited Open Ch Maya Stessin & Whiz Bang Spark (owned by Donald Burgy)
BEST Open Hunter Ch, High Pt Rider Ch, Jr Equitation Res Ch, Open English Equitation Res Ch, Open Pleasure Res Ch - Megan Faery & After All (owned by Karen Santa)
HCHSA Children's Hunter Ch - Megan Robbins & Stallone
USEA Adult Training Rider Ch, Adult Am Training Rider Ch; USEA Area II Adult Am Training Rider Ch - Melissa Fox & Diamond Legacy
MHSA Performance Hunter 3'3'' Res Ch; USHJA Horse of the Year Zone 2 Performance Working Hunter 3'3'' Ch, Zone 2 Stirrup Cup Performance Working Hunter 3'3'' Ch; PHSA Performance Working Hunter 3'3'' Ch; USEF PHR Silver Stirrup Zone 2 Performance Working Hunter 3'3'' Ch - Renee Kid & Will Be Tempted (owned by Mary Beth Lanza) © Hoof Print Images
MCTA First Year Horse Res Ch - Eliza Herman & Miles To Go © Brittany Sommer
USEA Area II Novice Jr/YR Ch - Molly Sherman & Karoo (owned by Cheryl Sherman) © Katherine O. Rizzo
TASS Jumper Ch - Money Makes Money (owned by Karen Benson)
BEST Mini Stirrup Equitation 8 & Under Ch, Mini Stirrup Pleasure 8 & Under Ch - Morgan Kazerman & Sequoia's Jellyroll
HCHSA Jr Equitation Under 14 Ch, Benefit Hack Ch - Natalie Cicala & Chico (owned by Shelly Buhlman)
MHSA Pony 2yo Ch - Windy Way High Tops (shown by Michele Brauning)
MSA Am Apprentice Timber Horse & Rider Ch, Foxhunter Timber Ch- Nick Carter with Snow Blizzard & Terko Service © Zane Gorove
BEST MHSA Sm/Med Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch, Pony Hunter Res Ch - Nicole Marquis & Jamrock (owned by Linda Wilson)
HCHSA Low Hunter Ch - Nicole Wakefield & Arliss © Redline Event Photography
MHSA Hunt Seat on a Horse Medal Finals Ch - Nora Jodrey © Hoof Print Images
HHSA Lg Pony Hunter Res Ch - Olivia Cremen & Sweet Talkin' Dillon © OKC Photography
USDF ISR/Old NA Grand Prix Ch - Christopher Hickey & Pacino (owned by Cece Stewart) © Erin McCardell/Hilltop Farm Inc.
MDA Training YR B Ch - Paige Wolfe & EF Kkonfidence
MCTA Sr Training Rider Ch - Pamela Bartholomew © GRC Photo
MHSA Lg Green Pony Hunter Res Ch - Peridot (ridden by Ashley Foster & Lauren Rockwell, owned by Katie Petronelli) © Shawn McMillen
HCHSA Long Stirrup Ch, Long Stirrup Medal Ch, Low Pony Hunter Ch - Perri Freeman & Hi Hope's Encore (owned by Vicki Beale)
MHSA 3'3'' Am Owner Hunter Ch - Elise Ledsinger & Practical © The Book LLC
MHSA TB Hunter Res Ch, Pre-Green Hunter 1st Year Res Ch, Pre-Green Hunter 3' Res Ch; PHSA Pre-Green Hunter 1st Year Res Ch, High Pt TB Ch - Renee Kid & Provocare (owned by Judy Tubman) © Jessica Hill
MWHA Western A Ch - Rachel Stottlemyer & RSVP Gucci © Debbie McCutcheon
MHSA Pre-Adult Hunter Ch, MD-Resident Adult Hunter Ch; BEST MHSA Pre-Adult Hunter Ch - Ashley Nokes & Ready About
HHSA Short Stirrup Hunter Ch - Reagan Rogers & Goodness Gracious
BCHSA Long Stirrup Hunter Ch, Long Stirrup Medals Final Ch - Rebecca Leary & Jovial (owned by Claddagh Manor Farm)
MWHA English A Ch; CCWC English A Res Ch; DApHA Novice Non-Pro English Horse Ch, Non-Pro English Horse Ch - Beckie Peregoy & Zips Mint Chocolate
HHSA Long Stirrup Hunter Ch - Rebekah Rottman & After Dark
HCHSA Short Stirrup Ch, Short Stirrup Medal Res Ch - Reese Gmernicki & Puff n' Stuff
USEF South Pacific Sire of the Year - Riverman (owned by Hilltop Farm) © Hilltop Farm Inc.
USDF North American Danish WB Association Fourth Level Ch, Horse of the Year Fourth Level Res Ch - Christopher Hickey & Ronaldo (owned by Cece Stewart) © Erin McCardell/Hilltop Farm Inc.
MCTA Jr BN Rider Res Ch - Rory Davis © Meredith Davis
MSA Jr Non-TB Horse Rider Ch - Saddiq Myers © Zane Gorove
SVPC D Rider Ch - Samantha Clark
FSApHC Non-Pro 19 & Over Western Ch - Sandra Brewer & One Hot Script © Linda Davis
MCTA Jr N Rider Ch, N Horse Ch - Sarah Bratton & Ekara © Leslie Bertram
MSA Lady Timber Ch Sara Katz © Bob Keller
MWHA Novice Am Western Ch, Novice Am English Res Ch - Sarah Thomas & Steel the Blues
BCHSA Children's Hunter Ch - Selina Petronelli & Hot Shot
BCHSA Equitation 13 & Under Ch; TASS War Horse Res Ch, Adopted Horse Ch - Selina Petronelli & Made You Look (Jockey Club name: Storming Marine) (owned by Betsy Burton)
BCHSA Hopefull Hunter Ch, Pre Children's/Adult Hunter Res Ch - Selina Petronelli & Merchandise
WPCSA Section A Welsh Mare Ch, Short Stirrup Hunter Res Ch - Hannah Mogel & Severn Baubles n' Beads (owned by Severn Oaks Farm)
MHSA Pleasure Horse Ch; BEST MHSA Pleasure Horse Ch, Open English Equitation Ch - Casie Mez & Shady Promise
HCHSA Benefit Hack Res Ch - Shaina Abramson & Fleur de Lys
HCHSA Long Stirrup Res Ch - Shannon McGowan & Chico (owned by Shelly Buhlman)
FSApHC Non-Pro 19 & Over English Ch, Novice Non-Pro English Ch - Shelby Bonneville & Luke Absolutely Me © Linda Davis
MDA First Level Open B Ch - Shelley Caplan & Resolut
SRS Jr Equitation Ch - Skylar Ensor & Coachman's Woodhue
MCTA Jr Training & Above Rider Ch, Jr/YR Horse of the Year T & Above Res Ch - Skyler Decker & Life Is Good © Lauren Mannix
LRC Long Stirrup Ch - Sopfia Riordan & LRC Equitation 13 & Under Ch - Sarah Selden
MHSA Sm/Med Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch - Sophia Eloshway & Silver Deborah Dillon
MSA Novice Timber Horse of the Year - Spencer Road (owned by Russell, Brewster, Tydings; trained by Blythe Miller Davies; ridden by Jackson Roberts) © Bob Keller
MHSA Pre-Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch, MD-Resident Pre-Children's Hunter Pony Ch; BEST MHSA Pre-Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch, Novice Rider Hunter Ch, Pony Hunter Ch - Lauren Miller & Splash of Blue
USDF All Breeds GOV Fourth Level Adult Am Ch - Marne Martin & SPS Roayl Coeur © Susan Stickle
USDF CBLM Intermediare MFS Ch - Stacy Pattison & Ridley (owned by Chris Rush) © Stacy Pattison
MHSA MD-Resident Lg Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch - Taylore Fowler & St. Elmo's Fire (owned by Bernadette Damron)
SVPC C Rider Ch, Horse of the Year - Stephen Pancrazio & Calliope (owned by Judy McGaughan)
Mounted from left: FADS FET Ch Jennifer Drescher & Blue and White Raven; FADS REI Res Ch Chris Webber & Capital Oops; FADS Fourth Level Ch Krista Martinko & Mythic Jama; FADS Fourth Level Res Ch Emma Morris & Magnetic Top Copy
HHSA Baby Green Horse Ch - Summer Affair (ridden by Laura Leroy-Roemer & Jenna Gillis; owned by Jenna Gillis)
MHSA Sm/Med Children's Hunter Pony Ch, High Pt MD-Resident, MD-Resident Sm/Med Children's Hunter Pony Ch, High Pt Children's Hunter Pony, Equiery Hunter Award winner - Summerlynd Nelson & Sham's Loganberry (owned by Streett Moore)
MHSA Lg Children's Hunter Pony Res Ch - Clare O'Brien & Sunshine Daydreams (owned by Terry Wherley) © Equus Images
SRS Equitation Sr Res Ch - Susan Klingenberg & Aspen
MCTA Jr N Rider Res Ch - Sydney Montano © Leslie Bertram
USEA Area II Training Jr/YR Ch; USEA Training Jr Ch, Training Horse Ch, Training TB Horse Ch; MCTA Jr Training Rider Ch, Jr/YR Horse of the Year Training & Above Ch - Tayler Stewart & Fugitive © Tyler Stewart
MSA Med Pony Rider Ch - Taylor Leatherman © Bob Keller
MHSA Pre-Green Hunter 3' Ch; USHJA Zone 2 Horse of the Year 3' Pre-Green Ch, Stirrup Cup 3' Pre-Green Ch; PHSA Pre-Green Ch; EPPHA Pre-Green Ch; USEF PHR Silver Stirrup Zone 2 Pre-Green Ch - Renee Kid & Tempted (owned by Mary Beth Lanza) © Hoof Print Images
TASS Overall Adult Am Rider Ch, Overall Masters Ch - Terry West
MHSA Sm Pony Hunter Res Ch, CPJHSA Pony Hunter Ch - Charleez Simcik & Tinseltown © Shawn McMillen
DRF Sorting Ch - Tom Schmit & Peppy
USDF CBLM Grand Prix Ch, Grand Prix Freestyle Ch; USDF GAIG Grand Prix Freestyle Res Ch - Felicitas von Neumann Cosel & Tonico do Top (owned by Linda & Joe Denniston)
MDA Third Level Open B Ch - Toni Over & Bel Sole © Claudia Weeks
MDA Training Open B Res Ch - Toni Over & LVF Bottom Line © Claudia Weeks
BCHSA Med Pony Hunter Ch - Tori Hummel & Edgewood's Foxy Lady (owned by Marsha Herbert)
MJC Leading Jockey Trevor McCarthy with MJC Leading Trainer Hugh McMahon © Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club

Tuckahoe Pony Club: Lizzy Sugrue, Elizabeth Howard, Stacy Moore, Morgan Kearney,  Maggie Kling, Amy Brookshire, Grace Shankle, Summer Dorr (Sportsmanship Award), Morgan Kling, Page Starkey & Destiny Wallace (Most Improved D) 

HHSA Modified Hunter Ch - RumChata (ridden by Tyler Daniels & Natalie Schilicht)
PVDA MAFHA (Friesian) Schooling Ch - Valerie Myers
MCTA Sr Rider Below BN Ch, BBN Horse Ch - Veronique Mallett & Rumors © Leslie Bertram
HHSA Leadline & Mini Stirrup Blue Merit Award - Victoria Roemer & Heaven Sent
BCHSA Leadline 5-7 Ch - Vivian Kovelman & Farnley Milton
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MHSA Non-TB Mare Ch - Wallstreet Dream (owned by Anne Jones; shown by William Howland)