The Equiery’s 2013 Maryland Hunt Club Roster

The Equiery’s Roster of Maryland Foxchasing Clubs

American foxhunting was established in Maryland on June 30, 1650 when Robert Brooke came ashore with the first recorded pack of foxhounds in the colonies. Foxhunting quickly spread through Maryland and into the rest of the colonies and studbooks and hound registries were established. Red and gray fox are the preferred quarry in Maryland.

Today, although geographically one of the smallest of the states, Maryland offers more organized foxchasing options than any state other than Pennsylvania or Virginia.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association was established in 1907 to set and maintain high sporting standards among its membership, encourage foxhunting, approve and register territories on official maps of foxhunting countries, settle disputes in regard to the same, register eligible foxhounds in a Foxhound Stud Book and improve the breeding of foxhounds.

To be an MFHA-recognized pack, a hunt must have the necessary number of qualified hounds, proper kennel facilities, a hunt country of sufficient size that does not conflict with another hunt and an established organization. Most importantly, recognized packs must agree to abide by the MFHA rules and guidelines (which include animal care and good sportsmanship).

“Farmer Packs” are defined by the MFHA as hunts that either do not meet the MFHA qualification standards or have not applied for membership. A farmer pack may or may not hunt in a member hunt’s territory, but if a farmer pack is hunting in the territory of a recognized pack, there should be a mutual agreement between the farmer pack and the recognized hunt.

Packs that hunt without permission (i.e. poach) in a recognized MFHA hunt’s territory risk being branded an “outlaw” or “unsanctioned” pack. According to the MFHA, the term “outlaw” was developed because of the disrespect such packs had not only for the established organized packs but often for landowners and farmers as well, thereby damaging the general image of the sport and making it more difficult for all hunt clubs, no matter how responsible. Today the MFHA uses the term “Unsanctioned Packs.” A pack can only be declared unsanctioned by the MFHA Board of Directors in response to a formal request by a recognized MFHA hunt; it is not automatic. Only if the Board determines that the existence of a nonmember hunt is detrimental to organized, mounted foxhunting will they declare the hunt unsanctioned. Recognized packs (and their members) are prohibited from associating with unsanctioned packs.

Maryland huntable territory is dwindling but it still has a high concentration of organized foxhunting. The Equiery firmly believes that it is crucial for all foxchasing clubs to work together for the preservation and perpetuation of sport in Maryland. Almost all of Maryland’s land falls within the boundaries of at least one MFHA-recognized pack (or is considered shared or loaned territory). For this reason, although there are more than 12 packs in Maryland, we have included only MFHA-recognized packs or farmer packs that are hunting territory with permission of the prevailing recognized hunt.

Maryland Association for Wildlife Conservation: MAWC was formed in 1976 to promote and protect hunters’ rights, particularly in the legislative and regulatory arenas. MAWC seeks not only to educate the country’s sporting community, but also plays a vital role in the formation of the laws and regulations that affect our sports. For more information, visit


Carrollton Hounds (Carroll & Baltimore Counties)
P.O. Box 1631 • Westminster, MD 21158
Organized and Recognized 1935. Reorganized 1975.

Hunt Attire: Cub hunting: Carrollton Hounds polo shirts or ratcatcher with breeches and boots; Formal attire: black melton, canary, buff or beige breeches and tall boots; members have the privilege of wearing royal blue velvet collars.

(1990) Dulany Noble, MFH
Berry Patch Farm, 5500 Emory Road, Upperco, MD 21155
Tel: 410-429-4965 or 410-428-3043; Email:
(2011) Jason Dudderar, MFH
4719 Ruby Ave., Baltimore, MD 21227
Tel: 443-794-4315, Email:
Honorary Secretary: Lori Brunnen
6506 Carrie Lynn Ct., Mt Airy, MD 21771
Tel: 301-788-5479; Email:

Huntsman: (Hon) Dulany Noble, MFH
Whippers-in: (Hon) Karen Bishop Magee, (Hon) Ben Swope, (Hon) Jason Dudderar, MFH, (Hon) Jim Price, (Hon) Cassie Frederick, (Hon) Darcie Kennedy
Kennels: Hampstead, MD
Foxhounds: Crossbreds
Meet: Wednesdays and Sundays at 11 a.m., occasional Friday bye days and holidays. Visitors are welcome, but must call Master for permission and present negative Coggins and waiver; capping fees $50 on Wednesdays, $75 on Sundays. Hounds meet an average of 36 times or more a year combining cub hunting and regular hunting.
Territory: Large rolling fields and wooded areas, some paneling, mostly in Carroll County, some in Baltimore County and Frederick County.
History: Carrollton Hounds was originally a recognized hunt established in 1935 by Harry Strauss. It folded after his untimely death in 1949; Carrollton Hounds was reorganized in 1975 by Col. Donald Thackeray, Edna Smith McNemar, Everett “Pud” Wagner and others.


De La Brooke Foxhounds W (Southern Maryland)
41290 Breton Beach Rd.• Leonardtown, MD 20650
Established 1961. Recognized 1976.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, royal blue collar, gold piping. Evening: Scarlet, royal blue lapels piped with gold.

(1999) John McFadden, MFH
Bayside Farm, 41290 Breton Beach Rd., Leonardtown, MD 20650
Tel: (301) 475-2554; Email:
(2010) Sarah Hruda, MFH
Keechland Farm, 9185 Keechland Farm Rd., Newburg, MD 20664
Tel: (301) 934-8017; Email:
Hon. Sec: Kathy Blanche
Yuletide Pines Farm, 7105 Harley Davidson Place, P.O. Box 337, Port Tobacco, MD 20677
Tel: (301) 934-1016; Email:

Huntsman: (prof) Beth Blackwell
Whippers-in: Sarah Hruda, MFH; (Hon) Darden Daves; (Hon) Cristi Collins; (Hon) Judy Tsai; (Hon) Tim White
Kennels: Mt. Victoria, Maryland
Foxhounds: 30 Penn-Marydel couples
Red Fox, Grey Fox
Season: Early November through late March
Meet: Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact the Honorary Secretary or Master. Hounds went out 50 times last season.
Territory: The country is approximately 25 by 45 miles, rolling inland country and flatlands fronted by tidewater creeks, rivers and bays, fenced with coops and post-and-rails. This is the first country hunted for pleasure in the New World. Robert Brooke of De La Brooke Manor brought his pack of foxhounds here from Whitchurch in Hampshire, England, in 1650.


Elkridge-Harford Hunt (Baltimore/Harford Counties & Pennsylvania)
3403 Pocock Road • Monkton, MD 21111
Established 1878. Merged clubs recognized by the MFHA 1934.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, blue or black, cream collar. Evening: Scarlet, cream collar and facings.

(1993) Thomas H. Voss, MFH

Atlanta Hall Farm, 2933 Pocock Road, Monkton, MD 21111
Tel: (410) 557-7214
(2004) Robert A. Kinsley, Jt.-MFH
South Branch Farms, P.O. Box 2886, York, PA 17405
Tel: (717) 741-1623; Email:
Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Mary Shaffer
16929 Yeoho Road, Parkton, MD 21120
Tel: (443) 491-3773; Email:

Mrs. H. Turney McKnight, Master Emeritus

Huntsman: (Prof) Geoffrey S. Hyde
Whippers-in: (Prof) Ronald Cornell; (Hon) Michael H. S. Finney; (Hon) Arthur Jedson Smalley, M.D.
Kennelman: (Prof) Mrs. Lawrence Atkinson
Kennels: Monkton, Maryland
Foxhounds: 2 1/2 English couples, 52 1/2 Crossbred couples
Hunting: Red Fox
Season: Early September through March
Meet: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Visitors permitted to hunt by invitation of a member and permission of a Master. Hounds went out 90 times last season.
Territory: The country is about 120 square miles in a total of four areas and is rolling farmland, with wooded areas and pastures. Fences are post-and-rail, chicken coops, and board fences. A thoroughbred or 7/8 bred is preferred.


Flint Hill Hounds (Eastern Shore: Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne Counties)
9818 A. Herman Hwy• Chestertown, MD 21620
Established 1986

Hunt Attire:
Warm, comfortable, neat.

Edwin R. Fry, MFH

Fair Hill Farms, P.O. Box 390, Chestertown, MD 21620
Tel: 410-778-2372; Email:
Hon. Sec.: Louisa Emerick
Little Fox Stable, 79 North Edgewood Dr., Elkton, MD 21921
Tel: 410-398-7234; Email:

Huntsman: Robert Reber
Whippers-In: (Hon) Louisa Emerick, (Hon) Ed Fry, MFH, (Hon) Alison Howard, (Hon) Holly Issaccson
Kennels: Kemblesville, PA
Hounds: Penn-Marydel (traditional)
Quarry: Red Fox; Grey Fox
Meet: Wednesdays and Sundays or at convenience of huntsman. Visitors should contact Ed Fry; limited numbers welcome. Hounds went out 48 times last season.
Territory: The country includes coastal marshes, open fields, and mature woodlands; can be trappy.


Goshen Hounds (Montgomery County)
P.O. Box 222 • Olney, MD 20832
Established 1957. Recognized by MFHA 1960.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, confederate grey collar with old gold piping. Evening: Scarlet, confederate grey collar with old gold piping and confederate grey facings.

(1996-1999, 2006) C. Thompson Pardoe, MFH

15865 A. E. Mullinix Road, Woodbine, MD 21797
Tel: (410) 489-4196; Email:
(2006) Robert Taylor, MFH
Taylormade Stables, 26130 Mullinix Mill Rd., Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Tel: (301) 351-2691; Email:
(2003) Holly Hamilton, MFH
White Rock View, 1212 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown, MD 21710
Tel: 301-509-8478; Email
Mark Challberg, MFH
20641 Plum Creek Ct., Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Tel: 301-774-6342; E-mail:
Hon. Sec.: Lily Bisson
21316 Boonsboro Mountain Rd., Boonsboro, MD 21713
Tel: 240-600-4540, Email:

Huntsman: Robert Taylor, Jt.-MFH
Whippers-in: (Hon) Dr. Francis E. Becker; (Hon) Dr. Mark Challberg; (Hon) Karen Jones; (Hon) Andrea Kinder; (Hon) Elizabeth Lavine
Kennels: Sunshine, Maryland
Foxhounds: 18 American couples, 6 Crossbred couples
Hunting: Red Fox
Season: September through March
Meet: Wednesdays and Saturdays except Sundays during deer rifle season. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact the Honorary Secretary. Hounds went out 54 times last season.
Territory: The country occupies an area approximately 15 by 30 miles. It is rolling farm country with a significant percentage of heavy woods, streams and creeks. Jumps are predominantly coops with some post-and-rail and bar jumps.

Green Spring Valley Hounds (Baltimore and Carroll Counties)
P.O. Box 1123 • Westminster, MD 21158
Established 1892. Recognized 1899.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, green velvet collar. Evening: Scarlet, green facings; Masters, ex-Masters, and members and ex-members of the honorary staff wear green velvet collars and green facings.

(1977) J. W. Y. Martin, Jr., MFH

Worthington Farms, 2700 Tufton Ave., Reisterstown, MD 21136
Tel: (410) 833-1167; Email:
(1996) Sheila Jackson Brown, MFH
Jackson Hole Farm, 4017 Black Rock Road, Upperco, MD 21155
Tel: (410) 374-0661; Email:
(2005) George P. Mahoney, Jr., MFH
Rosbrian Farm, 13634 Longnecker Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136
Tel: (410) 833-5969; Email:
(2009) Franklin Whit Foster, MFH
12501 Bonita Ave, Reisterstown, MD 21136
Tel: (410) 833-1432; Email:
Hon. Sec: Holly Bricker
Houndstooth Farm, 3801 Piney Grove Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136
Tel: 410-429-4132; Email:

(Prof) Samuel J. Clifton
Whippers-in: Prof) Joshua Bentley
Kennelman: (Prof) Ryan Harmon
Kennels: Glyndon, Maryland
Foxhounds: 2 English couples, 47 Crossbred couples
Hunting: Red Fox
Season: Mid-August through March
Meet: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and holidays. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact a Master or the Honorary Secretary. Capping fees: $75 cubbing; $150 weekdays; $200 weekends and holidays. Hounds went out 106 times last season.
Territory: The country extends about 25 by 12 miles. The home and north countries are open and rolling, with a great deal of grass. Some sections lying between are rough and heavily wooded. Post-and-rail and board fences predominate. The east side of the country adjoins the Elkridge-Harford Hunt country; on the west and northwest the country adjoins the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds country and the Frederick County line.


Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds (Howard & Frederick Counties)
18821 Windsor Forest Rd. • Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Established 1930. Recognized 1985.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, canary yellow collar. Evening: Scarlet, canary yellow facings.

(1978) Dr. Roger I. Scullin, MFH

27601 Barnes Road, Damascus, MD 20872
Tel: (301) 253-1183; Email:
(2005) Donald R. Reuwer, Jr., MFH
5300 Dorsey Hall Dr., Ste. 102, Ellicott City, MD 21042
Tel: (410) 977-1296; Email:
(2012) David Pickett, MFH
1625 Wakefield Valley Drive, New Windsor, MD 21776
Tel: (443) 340-8073; Email:
Hon. Sec: Ms. Crystal Kimball
P.O. Box 651, Lisbon, MD 21765
Tel: (410) 489-7826 x104; Email:

Huntsman: (Prof) Mr. Kelly Burdge
Whippers-in: (Prof) Emily Melton; (Hon) Ms. Dale Proctor; (Hon) Lisa Reid; (Hon) Trae Reuwer; (Hon) Richard Roemer; (Hon) Robert Scranton
Kennels: Mount Airy, Maryland
Foxhounds: 2 American couples, 1 1/2 Penn-Marydel couples, 29 1/2 Crossbred couples
Hunting: Red Fox, Grey Fox
Season: September through March
Meet: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays until deer season. Then Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact the Honorary Secretary or one of the Masters. Capping fees $25 for juniors, $100 for adults. Hounds went out 102 times last season.
Territory: The country extends about 20 miles east to west and 10 miles north to south in Howard County, MD. It is rolling with wooded areas. All types of jumps. Under agreement with the New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds, a portion of Frederick County is hunted by both hunts.


Marlborough Hunt (Anne Arundel, Prince George’s Counties)
P.O. Box 1250 • Upper Marlboro, MD 20773
Established 1936. Registered 1944. Recognized by the MFHA 1949.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, dubonnet collar with white piping. Evening: Same.

(1990) Katherine Kelly Cawood, MFH
4994 Sudley Rd., West River, MD 20778
Tel: (410) 867-2816; Email:
(2000) Ms. Christine F. Clagett, MFH
Larking Hill, 4029 Solomons Island Rd., Harwood, MD 20776
Tel: (410) 798-5040; Email:
(2000) Mrs. Patricia C. Sasscer, MFH
Meadows Farm, P.O. Box 6, Upper Marlboro, MD 20773
Tel: (301) 627-3594, Email:
Hon. Sec: Caroline B. Galleher
7108 Sugrue Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Tel: (301) 627-3553; Email:

(Prof) James E. Faber
Whippers-in: (Hon) Gregory Bush; (Hon) Jason Cole; (Hon) Christine Ann Faber; (Hon) Snowie Myers; (Hon) Valerie Levin; (Hon) Barbara G. Smith
Kennels: Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, Maryland
Foxhounds: 27 1/2 Penn-Marydel couples foxhounds
Hunting: Red and Gray Fox
Season: Mid-October through mid-March
Meet: Wednesdays, Sundays and occasional bye-days. Visitors permitted to hunt by invitation of the Masters and execution of Agreement for Release and Waiver of Liability Form. Hounds went out 42 times last season.
Territory: The country includes parkland, farmland and large wooded coverts in southern Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties. It is panelled with coops, telephone pole jumps and natural obstacles. A sensible, handy, bold horse is preferred.


Mount Carmel Hounds (Northern Baltimore County)
16929 Yeoho Road • Parkton, MD 21120
Established in the early 1960s. Incorporated in 1982.

Hunt Attire: No colors, as unrecognized.

MFH & Secretary: Mary Shaffer

16929 Yeoho Road • Parkton, MD 21120
443-491-3773; Email:

Huntsman: (Hon) Dan O’Toole
Whippers-In: (Hon) Trevor Wells, DVM; (Hon) Frank Durkee; (Hon) Richard Horner; (Hon) Barrie Reightler
Field Master: (Hon) Bill Reightler
Kennels: Parkton, Baltimore County
Foxhounds: Penn-Marydels
Hunting: Red Fox
Meet: Thursdays and Sundays; visitors should call secretary.
Territory: The country has rolling hills, open fields, and wooded areas.


New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds (Western Maryland)
1600 Marker Road • Middletown, MD 21769
Established 1963. Recognized by the MFHA 1981.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet with forest green collar and old gold piping. Evening: Scarlet with forest green collar and old gold facings.

(2009) Katharine D. Byron, MFH
Windward Farm, 743 Windward Lane, Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Tel: (304) 876-3483; Email:
(2013) Grace Pariso, MFH
5410 Beall Dr., Frederick, MD 21704
Tel: 301-831-4661, Email:
(2013) Guillermo Warley, MFH
6323 Knollwood Dr., Frederick, MD 21701
Tel: 301-514-5851, Email:
Hon. Sec: Bonnie Kepner
Bellweather Farm, 16452 Spielman Rd., Williamsport, MD 21795
Tel: (301) 582-2686; Email:

Huntsman: (Prof) Robert Taylor
(Hon) Katharine D. Byron, MFH, (Hon) Michael Farber, (Hon) Richard Leonard, (Hon) Dr. Michele McKenna, (Hon) Danielle Spare Thumma
Kennels: Middletown, Maryland
Foxhounds: 7 American couples, 1 Penn-Marydel couples, 11 1/2 Crossbred couples foxhounds
Hunting: Red Fox, Grey Fox
Season: September through mid-March
Meet: Thursdays, Sundays, holidays and bye-days. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact the Joint Masters. Hounds went out 45 times last season.
Territory: The country consists of all of Frederick and Washington counties in western Maryland (except for a triangle between Interstates 70 and 270, southeast of Frederick) and parts of Jefferson and Berkeley counties in West Virginia. It includes the Catoctin Mountains with large wooded areas, as well as rolling farmland. The country is paneled with coops, timber and stone walls. Under agreement with the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds, a portion of Frederick County is hunted by both hunts.,


Potomac Hunt (Montgomery County)
17201 White’s Store Rd. • Boyds, MD 20841
Established 1910. Recognized by the MFHA 1931.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, colonial blue collar with buff piping. Evening: Same, but with buff lapels.

(1985) Irvin L. Crawford, II, MFH

Hunter’s Trap, 17201 White’s Store Rd., Boyds, MD 20841
Tel: (301) 972-7621; Email:
(1987) Peter Hitchen, MFH
17101 Conoy Rd., Barnesville, MD 20838
Tel: (301) 518-5003; Email:
(1999) Mrs. Rainer H. Bosselmann, MFH
16715 Thurston Rd., Dickerson, MD 20842-9651
Tel: (310) 428-8316; Email:
(1999) Mrs. Irvin L. Crawford, II, MFH
Hunter’s Trap, 17201 White’s Store Rd., Boyds, MD 20841
Tel: (301) 972-7621; Email:
Hon. Sec: Ms. N. Anne Davies
Stonefield, 305 Old Bucklodge Ln., Boyds, MD 20841-9628
Tel: (301) 922-4332; Email:

Huntsman: (Prof) Larry Pitts.
Whippers-in:(Prof) Peggy Pitts, (Hon) Allen Monroe Forney, (Hon) Mr. Richard W. Hagen, (Hon) Brian Hagen
Kennels: Barnesville, Maryland
Foxhounds: 32 American couples, 4 Crossbred couple foxhounds
Hunting: Red Fox, Grey Fox
Season: September through March
Meet: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (Sundays during deer season). Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact one of the Masters. Hounds went out 68 times last season.
The country is approximately 10 by 12 miles in northwest Montgomery County bordering the Potomac River. Jumps are mostly coops, post-and-rail, logs with a few stone walls. Part of the country has no jumps.


Wicomico Hunt (Eastern Shore)
6656 Basket Switch Road • Newark, MD 21841-2210
Established 1929. Recognized by the MFHA 1932.

Hunt Attire: Scarlet, green collar. Evening: Same.

(1999) Cynthia Wood, MFH

6656 Basket Switch Rd., Newark, MD 21841-2210
Tel: (410) 632-0989; Email:
(2004) James D. Griffin, Esq., MFH
18543 Foxfield Lane, Lewes, DE 19958
Tel: (302) 684-1800; Email:
(2006) Jane L. Rhoades, MFH
27042 Burrsville Rd., Denton, MD 21629-3103
Tel: (410) 479-3175; Email:
(2013) Greg Thompson, MFH
7446 Queponco Rd., Newark, MD 21841
Tel: 719-580-4631, Email:

Honorary Secretary: Lorraine Hutson
806 Lord’s Corner Rd., Felton, DE 19943
Tel: 302-284-3554, Email

Huntsman: (Prof) Greg Thompson
Whippers-in: (Hon) Mrs. Brenda Bove, (Hon) Mr. Dan Bove, (Hon) Gale Cayce; (Hon) Anne-Marie Thompson
Kennels: Queponco Road, Newark, Maryland
Foxhounds: 16 1/2 Penn-Marydel couples foxhounds
Hunting: Red Fox, Grey Fox
Season: November through March
Meet: Wednesdays and Sundays. Visitors permitted to hunt; for details contact the Honorary Secretary. Capping fee $50. Hounds went out 40 times last season.
Territory: The country on Maryland’s Eastern Shore includes Wicomico, Somerset, Talbot, Worchester, Dorchester, Caroline, Queen Anne and Kent counties and in southern Delaware includes Kent and Sussex counties. Terrain is broad fields, forest and wetlands. Jumps are natural logs, panels and ditches.