Skip Crawford Celebrates 25 Years as MFH of Potomac Hunt

photos by Bob Keller

"Skip Crawford's contribution to the world of foxhunting goes far further than just being a Master for 25 Years with Potomac Hunt. He was selected as a Director of the Masters of Foxhounds with a reputation in Maryland for leadership and not being afraid to get involved with important issues that reflect on foxhunting. As an experienced Master his excellent work with MAWC and knowledge of legislative issues and the animal rights movement mase him an excellent candidate.As Director for Maryland/Delaware for six years sitting on the MFHA Board of Directors, his contributions on a national scale are considerable. As director he was energetic and quickly worked to help solve problems in his district. His counsel and contributions to working to make MFHA policies better were critical. He was selected to be head of the MFHA Finance Committee within a short time of his Directorship. He is a key player in both the HSBF and the MFHA Foundation Board of Directors. When he speaks people listen and he is not afraid to tackle difficult issues or express a minority opinion.

As the Executive Director, I valued and sought out his opinions on multiple issues concerning foxhunting. he is an energetic, dedcated, knowledgeable, foxhunter whose contributions to this sport ond its future gp far beyond being Master of the Potomac Hunt.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, a most heartly congratulations on this well deserved recognition."

-Lt. Col. Dennis Foster (US Army, ret.), Executive Director, Masters of Foxhounds Association

Former PHC members Patsy and Joe Richards, with PHC member Joanne Cangelosi

Former Montgomery County farmer Gordy Key (Oatland) and his wife Robin.

Master of Ceremonies Melane Hoffmann

Austin Kiplinger, owner of Bittersweet Field, home of the Potomac Races and member of PHC for 50 years

Former Goshen & Loudoun West huntsman Bay Cockburn

Suzy Reingold, former MFH for Plum Run, with Mac Hayes of New York

The four MFHs of Potomac Hunt; Skip and Vicki Crawford, Peter Hitchen and Beverley Bosselman

Bonnie Nicholson, Austin Kiplinger and Susie Moran of New Market-Middletown Valley Hunt, former Master of MiddletownValley Beagles and former sidesaddle field member of PHC

Sara Bellew with PHC field member Lana Paley

Nina Siegrist and Tony Walker (PHC)


Hap Bauer, flanked by Walt and Audrey Prichard

Tom Hoffman & veterinarian Francie Dougherty

"I can think of few people as devoted to foxhunting as Skip Crawford. It is easy to enjoy the wonderful benefits of our sport as a "taker". It is another matter to devote so much of your life as a "giver" to all things related to foxhunting. Skip is heavily involved in all aspects of our sport from land preservation, insurance, national and local legislative challenges, injured hunt staff fund, natural resources issues and anything else you can think of. I have had the pleasure to serve on the MAWC Board with Skip for many years. We are all very lucky to have Skip as an advocate and watchdog for our sport."

-Jay Young, President, Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club & President, Maryland Association for Wildlife Conservation

Grace Whitman with husband Steve Findlay

Hap and Sharon Bauer

Rebecca Crown, co-chair of the Social Committee (in red) with friends


Tom and Brittany Fiebrandt with Camille Crawford Finley

Sarah and Robin Salomon with Luisa and Joe McBride

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