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News & Resources

Welcome to's reorganized news, sports and resources section. Now, not only can you bookmark to view these sections online, but you can also subscribe (at no charge) to have news and sports updates sent directly to your e-mail or your PDA. To subscribe, simply click on the blog you are interested in and follow the subscriptions prompts.

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Equiery News Feed
Get up to date information on breaking stories and health alerts that affect Maryland horses, plus more letters-to-the editors and full length news articles; uses blog technology and is available by browsing and/or e-mail or rss subscription.

Maryland Horse Sport Blogs
Photographers and columnists report on recent shows, events and other sports happenings. Current blogs include:

Hunters & Jumpers


The Equiery - in print, available free in tack and feed stores, or by annual subscriptions.

News & Views
An eclectic collection of news articles and opinion pieces on equine and equestrian issues, politics, legislation and regulation in Maryland. Letters-to-the editor and reader opinion pieces encouraged; all contributions subject to editing for length and appropriateness of content.

Particles - Not Articles
Newsworthy pieces of information; sidebar to News & Views; reader submissions considered.

Out & About
Reader submitted news blurbs and photographs of Maryland equestrians and Maryland horses out and about, in and out of Maryland!

Equiery Life
Reader contributed information on the life of Maryland horse people, including birth, engagement, wedding and death announcements and get well wishes.

Sponsored Columns
Occasional columns from the Maryland Horse Council, the Maryland Horse Industry Board, and the University of Maryland. If you have an organization that would like to sponsor a column, please contact the publisher. These columns will be archived on after the issue has expired.

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