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January 2003

Pleasure Riders Unite w/ the New Maryland Horse Council Trails & Greenways Committee

February 2003

The 2003 Executive Committee

March 2003

Annapolis Watch as of 02/12/02

April 2003

Trails & Greenways Committee
MHC's Position on the Racing Industry
Horse Industry on the Federal Level

May 2003

Trails & Greenways Committee Update
Multi-Use Trail Etiquette & Safety Guidelines

June 2003

MHC Hosts Maryland Racing Interests For
Laurel/Pimlico—State Fair—Horsemen—
Standardbreds—Allegany/Ocean Downs—Legislators
Federal Bills to Protect Health Coverage of Riders

July 2003

Sunday Hunting Meeting

August 2003

17th Annual Maryland Horsemen's Party

September 2003

Trails & Greenways Committee Update
Farms & Stables Report

October 2003

MHC Trail Bits
Trails & Greenways Committee

November 2003

DNR's Wildlife Management Areas
MHC Letters

December 2003

MHC Trail Bits - Trail Erosion



January 2004

About the Maryland Horse Council
Trail Update - When Mountain Biikes & Horses Collide

February 2004

General Tips for Grassroots Lobbying
The Executive Committee

June 2004

Maryland Politicians Reach Out to Horse People
Q&A Session

July 2004

18th Annual Maryland Horsemen's Party
Maryland Horse Council Free Seminars

August 2004

Maryland Horse Council Annual Meeting

September 2004

Highlights from the Free Seminars
Highlights from the Annual Meeting


July 2005

Maryland Horse Council 20th Anniversary Celebration

August 2005

Maryland Horse Council Pumphrey Awards
DNR - Marriottsville Update
Equestrian Language in Federal Highway Funding Bill

September 2005

Quarterly Meeting Report
How to File a Complaint w/ the MD Insurance Commission

November 2005

Maryland Horse Council 20th Anniversary Celebration
Election Results



January 2006

The Political Horseman by Royce Herman
Trails & Greenways Committee
New Discussion Group Just for MD Trail Riders

February 2006

The Political Horsemand by Royce Herman
The Executive Committee

March 2006

The Maryland Horse Park-Making Sausage or Making Progress?

April 2006

From the President
Trails & Greenways Meetings
Capitol Hill Report from the American Horse Council

May 2006

The Political Horseman by Royce Herman
DNR Trail Workshops

June 2006

April Trails & Greenways Meeting

August 2006

Public Meeting Addresses Horse Park Study

October 2006

The Political Horseman by Royce Herman

November 2006

Ride Smart by Gwen Wills, Trails Stewardship Program Director



January 2007

Joe Aitcheson Day at 2006 Legacy Chase at Shawan Downs
Marketing & Selling Horses Overseas
Immigrant Employees, Guest Workers, & Foreign Students

February 2007

New Year's Letter from the President
Farm Bureau Convention Report

April 2007

President's Report (Legislation, Regulation, Trails & Greenways, Education)

May 2007

No Maryland Horse Park at the Dairy Farm
Letters to MHC

July 2007

Quarterly MHC Meeting
Assistance for Trails
Trails & Greenways Committee Meeting & Invitational Ride

September 2007

"WOW" was the Word by Joyce Bell, Tuckahoe Equestrain Center
Trails & Greenways Committee Overview

October 2007

Trails & Greenways Committee Update

November 2007

Welcome New Sponsors
Kudos to Two Key MHC Volunteers
August MHC Meeting Highlights





February 2008

Become an Active Member • Letter from Jane Seigler, Vice President
Who's Who in the MHC

October 2008

Supporting Slots, Supporting Horse Businesses

December 2008

Message from the President-Elect, Steuart Pittman


January 2009

Maryland Horse Industry Board Update on Feed Fund
Maryland Horse Industry Board Accomplishments • 2002-2008

June 2009

President Erskine Bids Adieu
MHC Business Seminar
The Feed Fund
Horses ARE Agriculture

August 2009

Message from the President
2008 Horse Forum

September 2009

2009 Maryland Horseman of the Year • Bob Shirley

November 2009

Maryland Horse Forum
MHC Annual BBQ Photos
Committee & Legislative Updates
MHC Business Network
Save Our Horse Farms Campaign


January 2010

MHC's Action Plan: 2010 & Beyond

March 2010

Saving Maryland Racing
MHC in Annapolis
MHC Embraces Social Media

May 2010

Save Maryland Thoroughbred Racing
Save the Horse Farms
The Legislative Session

July 2010

Save the Horse Farms
Slots Licensing in Anne Arundel County
MHC Celebrates 25 Years

August 2010

MHC Unwanted Horse Project
Save the Horse Farms Campaign
Maryland Thoroughbred & Standardbred Racing
Announcing 2010 Horseman of the Year


January 2011

State of the Maryland Racing Industry • Letter to Gov. O'Malley from
Steuart Pittman, President of MHC
MHC Political Action Committee
Save the Horse Farms Campaign

March 2011

January Meeting Recap from Steuart Pittman, President
MHC Committee to Support Racing

May 2011

Letter from the President • MHC Committees Update

October 2011

Message from Jane Seigler • Maryland Horse People: Raise Your Voice!

November 2011

Message from the President, Steuart Pittman
Message from the Horse Council Pac's Chairman, Rob Burk
Unwanted Horse Project Update from Vicki Carson
Technological Update from Association Manager Margaret Rizzo
Photos from MHC Business Networking Lunch at Nutramax Laboratories

May 2012

Message from the President
Committee Updates • Legislative Updates
Md Fund for Horses Announces
Safe & Sound

November 2012

Message from the President, Steuart Pittman
Legislative & Regulatory Update
Horse Council Political Action Committee (PAC)
Business Network at Select Breeder Services
Farm Stewardship Second Meeting
New Membership Category

January 2013

Message from the President, Steuart Pittman
Meet the New Officers
Committee Updates

May 2013

Message from the President, Steuart Pittman
Meet the New Executive Committee Members
Online County Forums
Committee Updates

November 2013

MHC: Who We Are

January 2014

Message from the President, Jane Seigler
MHC Annapolis Representative
Why you should be a member of MHC

May 2014

Message from the President, Jane Seigler
Legislative Updates
Maryland Fund for Horses Update

August 2014

Message from the President, Jane Seigler
Committee Updates • Legislative Updates
Executive Commitee Elections





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