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Pronunciation & Definition

How do you say "Equiery?"
We say "ek-wee-air-ee," but we have heard "eek-wee-air-ee," "ek-wary" and numerous other creative interpretations. So, we have a saying in the office: “We don’t care how you say it, just so long as you continue to say it!” Truth is, no matter how you say it, folks seem to know what you are talking about.

What does "Equiery" mean? Is it a real word?
Yes, it is a real word, but it did not exist before we created it, and our parent company, Tuttle Enterprises, Inc., owns all the rights to the word. The base, "equi" is from the Latin for "horse." The suffix "ery" is from the Latin "-arius" and has several meanings, including a collection of something, such as crockery, finery, jewelry (and in The Equiery , you will find a collection of horses), and a place to buy or sell something, such as bakery or saddlery (people buy and sell horses and horse related things through The Equiery ).
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